Only Virginia Henley can write a deliciously bawdy Regency-set romance with naughty characters, played out against a rigid society.

Though they are identical twins, Nicholas and Christopher Hatton are as different as night and day. And for most of his life, the younger brother, Nicholas, has taken the heat for Kit's many misdeeds.

Alexandra Sheffield is to wed Kit, but at 17 she wants adventure; not marriage to a man she does not love. It is Nick she secretly watches and desires, and who eventually protects her as she embarks on some capricious escapades. Yet he can't protect her from his own forbidden desire. Then a nightmarish series of incidents traps the twins in each other's identities.

Virginia Henley delivers just what readers expect: a fast-paced, sensual read. This time she goes one step further by giving us two roguish men and one delightful heroine. The pages sizzle as we're swept up in a tale brimming over with wit, mayhem and a great deal of poignancy. SENSUAL (Nov., 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin