Image of Ravished by a Viking


Image of Ravished by a Viking

Pair a virile Viking with a willful woman warrior from outer space and wait for spontaneous combustion. Throw in a threesome, a little bondage and spanking, and the formula turns super hot!

Viking warrior Dagr, Lord of the Wolfskin clan, is on a quest to find his younger brother, who has been taken by the Consortium. The Vikings board one Consortium ship but it’s not the one holding Dagr’s brother. However, its captain is a beautiful woman who is accustomed to being in charge in all things — including the bedroom. Captain Honora realizes they don’t stand a chance against these pirates despite their primitive weapons. Dagr presses Honora and her forces into duty and together they seek Eirik using superior military strategy. The couple engages in some wild sexual escapades between battles. (HEAT Jan., 313 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown