Image of Ravishing the Heiress (Berkley Sensation)


Image of Ravishing the Heiress (Berkley Sensation)

Thomas charms and touches readers with an inventive and beautiful love story that showcases her unique style for creating memorable characters and a plot to match. At the heart of her romance is the proof that friendship and trust are the foundation of a passionate and powerful love. Readers will sigh with happiness as they succumb to this magical story.

When Millicent marries Fitz, the Earl of Fitzhugh, he gains the funds to save his family from ruin and she gains a title. Due to Millie’s youth, she suggests they wait eight years to consummate the marriage — eight years during which they live in the same house but engage in separate lives. During those years, Millie and Fitz become best friends. Though he’s her husband in name only, Millie is in love with Fitz. When the time comes for them to truly become husband and wife, Fitz’s childhood sweetheart, the beautiful widow Isabelle, returns to London, free to remarry. Millie realizes that Fitz will want to leave after he has fulfilled his vow to her. Were their years together nothing, or are the bonds of friendship and trust, and the understanding of each other’s hearts, powerful enough to let love flourish? (BERKLEY SENSATION, Jul., 304 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin