Image of Raziel (Fallen (Pocket Books))


Image of Raziel (Fallen (Pocket Books))

Douglas (aka the awesome Anne Stuart) jumps headlong into the supernatural genre with this first in the Fallen series. Douglas stakes out her own fresh style of storytelling by utilizing alternating first-person POVs for both the hero and heroine. More akin to an urban fantasy, this story is edgy and darkly riveting as it follows two individuals struggling against destiny and insidious treachery. Terrific!

Allie Watson is the author of biblical murder mysteries, but she certainly doesn’t expect to be thrown into an Old Testament war. Hit by a bus, Allie is picked up by Raziel, one of the fallen angels cursed to drink blood and ferry the dead. Allie certainly hasn’t done anything in her life to deserve being sent to hell, so when Raziel realizes that is where Allie is headed, he impulsively pulls her back. Raziel is severely wounded by this action, and it is Allie’s angry cry for help that brings Raziel’s brethren to the rescue. The archangel Uriel is waging war against the Fallen and using flesh-eating Nephilim as his weapon. Allie’s death has thrust her into an extraordinary and dangerous new life! (POCKET, Feb., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith