Razor’s Edge balances humor and eroticism perfectly and the revelations behind heroine Isabella’s failed marriage, her family history and a sex slavery ring keep the plot fresh and full of suspense. Isabella will resonate with readers as a spunky, resilient heroine with an undeniable sultry side. Her pairing with Razor provides absolutely electric chemistry and the entire first half of the novel reads as great foreplay until the two can consummate their desire. Readers may have to suspend their disbelief for a few of the raunchier scenes — and some may be turned off by kinkier S&M scenarios involving Isabella’s villainous husband Malcolm and other men. Nevertheless, the novel’s sexual scenes deepen the readers' understanding of the characters. You won’t want to miss the next installment of this guilty pleasure series!

Society page darling Isabella went from young heiress to millionaire’s wife, but it was hardly a storybook romance. Now Isabella is running for her life, using tabloid coverage to shield her from her estranged husband Malcolm’s reach. Cash-strapped with few marketable skills, Isabella uses her celebrity status to nab a spot on television’s Dance With Me.

Cop James “Razor” Reoser has one last chance to salvage his rep after a rookie mistake. He’s been assigned to go undercover as Isabella’s dance partner to investigate her involvement in her husband’s business endeavors, namely his connection to a sex-slavery ring. As the couple dances up a storm, they can’t deny their attraction. But Razor has run into trouble before when he’s gotten involved with a suspect. And if Isabella knows nothing about her husband’s exploits then why is she so scared? (Samhain Publishing, Nov. 2010, dl. $5.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Veronica Knoll