Image of Razor Girl (SHOMI)


Image of Razor Girl (SHOMI)

The storyline in Mancusi's tragic and creepy zombie thriller is split between the onset of the apocalypse and six years later. Regrettably, her choice to use alternating past/present chapters is distracting and diminishes the tension level in both threads. Still, as an author Mancusi doesn't hesitate to take chances
and innovate!

Teenager Molly Anderson doesn't believe her scientist father when he predicts the end of the world. But Molly and her friend Chris Griffin witness the beginning of a super flu that starts morphing into a zombie plague. Upon her father's insistence, Molly has implants installed that will help her survive. Molly and her mother are then locked in a bomb shelter that won't open for six years. When the doors finally open, only Molly remains. Determined to locate her father, who told Molly he would be at Disney World working with other scientists, she begins her quest.

As her journey starts, Molly discovers that Chris and several others have not been infected and now fight for survival against the Others. Can Molly and her alter ego Razor Girl save the day? (SHOMI, Sep., 308 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith