These two entertaining novellas look at authors and the hilarious havoc they create with their pseudonyms. The anthology features a reissue of the lighthearted "Mr. Valentine," by Thompson, and a new novella, "Thrill Me," by Kelly. In "Thrill Me," good girl Sophie is the devoted church secretary who is always sweet—at least that's what everyone in her small town thinks. But Sophie has a secret: She likes murder and is very good at it! In fact, it's what propelled her to the bestseller list as horror writer R.F. Colt. Sophie wants to keep her double life secret, but that may be difficult. Sexy police chief Daniel Fletcher suspects she's the target of a murderer when notes for her latest book accidentally fall into his hands. Daniel wants to protect her and, with attraction sizzling between them, Sophie isn't sure she wants to stop him. "Thrill Me" is a welcome return to the small town of Derryville, first introduced in Kelly's Trick Me, Treat Me. The story is filled with uproariously funny twists, scintillating conversations and steamy hot passion. (Jan., 304 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell