Image of Reading Between the Lines


Image of Reading Between the Lines

Dane takes you on a magical trip to the world of the fae. Her myths and legends are intriguing, and she's created a strong heroine who stands up for herself. There's not much sexual tension, as Haley and Conall are a couple early on. All the conflict is external in the form of an evil villainess. Expect some violence, action and lots of steamy sex scenes.

Haley O'Brian is an expert in languages. When she's asked to translate some Celtic scrolls she has no idea she'll be freeing Conall macCormac's fae soul from an ancient curse. These two are meant for each other and fall in love. Haley learns of her own fae heritage and returns home with Conall. But their happiness is short lived when Ninane, the evil fae who imprisoned Conall's soul, comes after Haley. (SAMHAIN, Aug. '08, 227 pp., $12.50)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski