After a stalker threatens Lise and her family, she flees her Texas home and tries to lose herself in Seattle. Lise fervently hopes the move will throw the stalker off her trail, but the threats continue. In desperation, she turns to mercenary Joshua for help. Once upon a time, this former Army ranger turned her world upside down with a single kiss. Now this tough guy stands ready to be her protector and her lover. But is her heart ready for him?

Joshua's longstanding code against mixing sex and work sails out the window when he comes face to face with Lise again. She stirs his protective instincts and desire like no other. She also makes this jaded warrior long for the elusive "happily ever after"—something they have no shot at if Lise's stalker prevails.

Monroe introduces her Mercenary trilogy (Willing and Able are up next) with an action-packed sizzler. A nasty villain with a sadistic bent keeps the danger escalating and makes for pulse-pounding excitement. Add in an appealing alpha hero who knows how to protect and love his woman, and the hot fun begins! (Jul., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell