Image of Ready for Her Close-up


Image of Ready for Her Close-up

READY FOR HER CLOSE-UP (3) by Katherine Garbera: Though there’s an interesting premise about online dating, a certain amount of disconnect between the characters stops this from being a truly great read. PR expert Gail Little has signed up with Matchmakers, Inc. to find her soul mate after years of loneliness. To help her friend, she agrees to appear on camera to record her search. But when the experts pair her up with a notorious New Zealand hotelier, she thinks they’re crazy. Russell, while looking for the right woman, also knows he has to clean up his playboy image if he’s to succeed in his next business deal. Even so, he doesn’t expect to fall so quickly for the prickly Gail, and when his secret scandals start spilling into the public arena, he’ll do anything to keep her by his side.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper