Image of A Ready-Made Family


Image of A Ready-Made Family
Determined to get her kids away from her controlling ex-husband, Lia Pogue seeks help from a friend, only to find she's already left on her honeymoon. Flat broke and unable to travel any farther, Lia and her kids get help from her friend's brother, Jake Robbin, who recently retired from the military. Lia and Jake are immediately attracted to one another, and Jake proposes. But Lia knows what she feels is love and wonders whether Jake's attraction to her is enough to base a future on. Carrie Alexander's A Ready-Made Family (4.5) is a well-crafted story that's so realistic, you may forget it's just a story. Her characters are complex, and she doesn't tie up the ending too neatly, which is refreshing.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay