Has someone anointed Cabot the queen of teen fiction yet, or should we go ahead and do it for them? If anyone has been looking for the next Judy Blume, they may as well stop searching and start heading to the closest bookstore to pick up one of Cabot's many books. Ready Or Not, the second book in her new All-American Girl series, is sure to be another success.

Samantha Madison saved the U.S. president from death, became a tabloid celebrity and scored the first son, David, as her boyfriend. Now she's up against an even bigger task: deciding whether or not she wants to have sex with David. He's invited her to spend Thanksgiving weekend with him and his family at Camp David, and Sam, being Sam, is sure that "we can play Parcheesi" is a reference to having sex. Sam knows she loves David, but she's not sure she's ready to sleep with him. So how will she get out of it?

Sam is a familiar character that readers of Cabot's other books will love. Cabot has a rare gift for turning a book about basically one thing—whether or not to have sex—into something that holds the reader's attention the whole way through. Of course, other characters play a significant role too, but it's Sam we open the book for. (Jul., 256 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris