Wootson's story examines being hurt
in love and the choices we make as a result. Her characters all make normal -- though sometimes frustrating -- choices. They're far from perfect and have strengths and weaknesses that make them very human. What detracts from this story is the lack of emphasis on the resolution of some of the protagonists' biggest problems: Shana's ex gets off with a quickie divorce, and Kyle's confrontation with his fiancee
is only alluded to.

When Shana Garner discovers her husband in bed with another woman, she does what any strong, sensible woman would do -- she tosses him and his stuff out like overripe garbage. Still reeling from the pain and doubt such a discovery causes, she's not ready to meet another handsome, charming man. Unfortunately, Kyle Rayburn is just that.

A former basketball star, Kyle is used to women falling at his feet and expects Shana to be no exception. When she gives him the cold shoulder, he's intrigued -- and attracted. As they work together to develop a sports program at the school where Shana's a coach, their attraction grows. But just as they finally make headway and admit what they feel for each other, Shana's faith in Kyle is shaken. (Kimani/ARABESQUE, Dec., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Aisha Cargile