Kat's world careens out of control when she witnesses her fiancé's murder and is arrested for the crime. Numb with grief, she suffers yet another shock when a stranger visits her in jail and reveals that he is her biological father, Sean McCoy. While struggling to absorb this life-altering news, Kat is released into the protective arms of sexy U.S. marshal Harry Kincaid.

Harry wastes no time clueing Kat in on the true nature of the fiancé she's grieving over. He blindsides her with the news that she gave her heart to a criminal. Harry believes witnessing the murder places Kat in deadly danger. He whisks her away to the safest place he knows—with her father and her newly discovered five brothers. Standing side by side with her family, Harry fights to keep Kat safe. But will their efforts be enough to save the woman he loves?

Watching Carrington's Magnificent McCoy Men ride to the rescue of their independent baby sister is heartwarming. But the passion and chemistry between Kat and Harry are the real show stealers in this impossible-to-put-down adventure. (Apr., 448 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell