The idea of a sexy, unattached man selling bras can push all sorts of different hot buttons. For Casie Malcavey, even though she isn't shopping for her own bras, it is embarrassing and intimidating. Scott Karstetter is a P.E. teacher and coach who moonlights at his mother's maternity shop. Circumstances conspire to put Casie and Scott constantly in each other's company. Their initial attraction grows while Scott tries to change Casie's mind about avoiding athletic men and childrearing.

Quirky Casie and Scott are likeable, but McDavid could have made them more engaging by probing their fears and insecurities more deeply. Scott's association with another woman provides the necessary plot complication while allowing Scott to remain trustworthy. Another storyline has Scott failing to support Casie in an important project. The resolutions of these two conflicts are a little too convenient, but this pat ending doesn't undermine the growth that allows Casie to welcome Scott into her life. (Apr., 224 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kay Mayo