Image of The Real Rio D'Aquila


Image of The Real Rio D'Aquila

THE REAL RIO D’AQUILA (4.5) by Sandra Marton: Rio D’Aquila has wealth, looks and smarts, but what he doesn’t want is a relationship. He’s building a private nest for himself in the Hamptons and needs a good landscaper. Izzy Orsini shows up for her interview hours late and meets Rio, disguised as the caretaker Matteo. Izzy and Matteo have an instant love/hate attraction to each other and what begins as lust quickly escalates into a whirlwind romance until lies and deceit crash the party. The romance will awe you, the love story will blow your socks off and the characters will enchant you, unless you don’t like larger-than-life, wealthier-than-God heroes and daughter-of-the-mob heroines whose tumultuous affair is the stuff of legends.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt