Image of Really Something (Zebra Contemporary Romance)


Image of Really Something (Zebra Contemporary Romance)

With Jump's trademark comedic touch, readers are treated to a well-crafted story about what it means to come home to face yourself and your past. The main characters are sympathetic and intelligent, and the narrative is consistently smooth and compelling.

Seven years ago, Allie Dean left Tempest, Ind., with no plans to return. But now, as a location scout for a Hollywood film director, she's back: 170 pounds lighter and bent on sweet revenge. Oh yes, her hometown's just the place for her boss's latest teen horror flick, and she'd be happy to provide the film's hatchet man with a list of people to carve up -- if only onscreen -- starting with the man who once broke her heart.

Local TV weatherman hottie Duncan Henry has missed his old buddy Allison since she bolted out of town after high school. But tragedy struck his life, and he's been dealing with the fallout ever since. He senses something familiar about this blonde babe but, between his career and family concerns, he doesn't have time for romantic relationships. Problem is, what he wants from Allie requires not only romance but honesty, something both of them have had trouble maintaining. (ZEBRA, Dec., 352 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel