Although the storylines are very similar, the collection, overall, is a lighthearted, fun romp with a beguiling touch of fantasy.

Davidson's trio of sassy heroines finds romance with three Really Unusual Bad Boys from the kingdom of the SandLands.

In "Bridefight," Detective Lois Commoner has lost her family and the job she loves. To add to her misery, she is in severe pain from an injured knee. When, in a suicidal moment, Lois downs some pain pills, poof, she ends up in the SandLands. Magical Damon, a gorgeous, naked prince, finds her and whisks her away to his castle--and to his bed.

It's "Mating Season" for Lt. Anne Sanger of the WACs when she drops into Prince Maltese's bathtub. The fantastical SandLands are a paradise, but Anne cannot stay. Maltese or the SandLands do not need her nearly as much as her country does--or do they?

Rica cannot believe her good fortune when sexy Prince Shakar of the SandLands falls from the sky into her arms. Shakar loves Rica and her world, but he has to return home to participate in the "Groomfight." Will Rica join the women of the SandLands to fight for the groom she desires?

(Sep., 256 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell