Those looking for an enjoyable, fast-paced tale of mystery and magic will want to grab this book. Pillow has
crafted a magical domain that co-exists alongside medieval England and filled
it with three-dimensional characters. Readers will root for the heroine and her unblessed hero while feeling their angst and pleasure, and they'll laugh at the misadventures of a couple of sprites.

Lady Juliana of Bellemare has quite an imagination and would like an adventure before her marriage. When her wish is granted by Merrick, the elfin king of the unblessed, she learns of magical lands and sets out to rescue children she thinks have been kidnapped.

Juliana learns too late that she's been tricked by Merrick, who has long loved her from afar. Blaming him for her fiance's brutal death, Juliana is ready to return home, only to encounter more obstacles. (Samhain, May '06, 261 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice