Image of Reap the Wild Wind: Stratification #1


Image of Reap the Wild Wind: Stratification #1

Those who like highly developed, complex settings will enjoy this book. Czerneda puts abundant biological and technical detail into her worlds. The story revisits Cersi and predates the Trade Pact Universe trilogy. Good use of dialogue, descriptions and emotion emphasize the differences in alien cultures. A glossary helps readers keep track of the numerous characters, and effective prose brings them to life.

Three very different races coexist on Cersi -- the Om'ray, the Oud and the Tikitik. They maintain peace by enforcing an ironclad agreement that says Nothing Must Change. But things do change when an alien ship makes contact. The delicate balance of Cersi is destroyed, and the Om'ray suffer tragic losses. One of the Yena clan, Aryl Sarc, is forced to confront the strangers in an attempt to discover their true purpose. (DAW, Sep., 464 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski