Image of Reaper's Vow (The Shadow Reapers)


Image of Reaper's Vow (The Shadow Reapers)

McCarty’s latest in her Shadow Reapers series takes us into the post-Civil War era world of the mysterious Shadow Reapers: non-human soldiers who exhibit extraordinary strength and power. Human Cole is tough, interesting and appealing as a hero with his special gift of reading people. His attraction to she-wolf Miranda is electrifying. Strong conflict, good pacing and a cleverly developed plot will keep the reader rapt.

Rancher Cole Cameron is determined to rescue his cousin, Adelaide, from Isaiah Jones, a Shadow Reaper. When he’s saved by Isaiah from death by wolves, Cole follows Isaiah back to the Reaper camp, still determined to find Adelaide. Once there, Cole learns more about the Reapers and meets Miranda, a female Reaper, who seems destined to be his mate — even though it goes against Reaper law. But a battle is imminent and it will put Cole, Miranda and the rest of the Reaper camp in danger. (BERKLEY, Mar., 352 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates