Image of Rebecca's Promise (The Adams County Trilogy)


Image of Rebecca's Promise (The Adams County Trilogy)

This is a wonderful new series by an author who knows his Amish history and facts. His characters are strong believers in their faith and grow throughout the novel.

Rebecca Keim has agreed to marry John Miller, but a promise she made to a long-ago love as a schoolgirl is haunting her, and she needs to come to terms with her past before marrying John. She gets an opportunity to do just that when she goes to the old home community to help her aunt with her baby. Is the memory of that promise just a fantasy come back to destroy the beautiful present, or was it real? She will have to trust in her faith and traditions to help her make the right choice about her future. (HARVEST HOUSE, Mar., 288 pp., $10.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans