Image of Rebecca's Return (The Adams County Trilogy)


Image of Rebecca's Return (The Adams County Trilogy)

This sequel to Rebecca's Promise is
well written with believable characters. It's refreshing to read a tender love story written by a male, and Eicher honors
the Amish community with his writing. Readers who enjoyed the first story will definitely like this one, but new readers may want to read book one first.

Rebecca Keim has returned to Wheat Ridge fully committed to having a life with John Miller. She's come to terms with the promise she made when she was just a teenager, but John is suspicious. Rebecca hasn't written him many letters, and he wonders about her decision. Before they can work things out, John is terribly injured in an accident, after Rebecca has gone back to help her seriously ill aunt Leona. Rebecca needs to figure out if she wants a future with John back home, or if her heart truly belongs to another from a long time ago. (HARVEST HOUSE, Mar., 288 pp., $10.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans