Image of Rebel (Florida Civil War)


Image of Rebel (Florida Civil War)

When Union officer Ian MacKenzie (AKA the Panther) captures the notorious Rebel spy known as the Moccasin he is not surprised to learn that it's his wife, Alana, who has plagued the Union with her escapades.

Before the war, Ian was found with Alana bathing in a lake. Ian does the honorable thing and marries her. Headstrong Alana was raised as a nature child by her botanist father in Florida. She will do anything to help her homeland's cause, even betray her husband.

From Florida plantations to D.C.'s bedrooms and ballrooms, from her father's unjust death at the hands of Union soldiers to her work for Rose Greenhow and the Confederacy, Alana and Ian wage a battle more fierce than that raging between their countrymen. Though he should see her hang, Ian cannot condemn the mother of his child and the woman he loves, but nor can he betray his country.

From Tomorrow the Glory to One Wore Blue, and One Wore Gray, Heather Graham has demonstrated her passion for both Civil War history and her home state. In REBEL she recreates the savage realities of war at the rugged frontier. She enthralls you with scorching sensuality as she skillfully combines a captive/captor romance with a powerful historical novel. The rebellious love that springs up between Alana and Ian sizzles as the action never stops. You'll be thrilled to know that the stage is set for the next magnificent story in this series. Once again Bravo! Ms. Graham. SENSUAL (March, 414 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin