Image of Rebel (Fallen)


Image of Rebel (Fallen)

Revenge is a dish that Douglas’ newest hero plans to serve very, very cold. Fallen angel Cain’s forte is troublemaking and his return to Sheol is about to make things very uncomfortable, especially for unreliable seer Martha. Terrifically talented Douglas’ protagonists are always complex and unforgettable, which enriches her dark and edgy tales. Great stuff!

The killing of her Fallen angel husband Thomas during a nephilim attack leaves Martha in an unusual position. Not a true bonded mate (since Thomas never took her blood), Martha is unsure of her place in Sheol as her visions can’t always be trusted. Martha’s newest visions indicate someone is coming — apparently for her. Centuries ago, Cain’s human wife and child were murdered by archangel Uriel, and Cain has wanted revenge ever since — especially on the Fallen who stood by and let her die. Cain’s return sets everyone on edge; they know he is plotting something. Cain had planned to use Martha in his dark plans, but unexpectedly finds himself drawn to her. (POCKET, Apr., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith