When British officer Damien Powell sees a golden-haired beauty being attacked by savages, he doesn't care if she is a Tory or a rebel; he saves her life at the risk of his own.

Even after Josephine Armstrong discovers that the man who came to her rescue is a redcoat, she shelters him, placing herself in danger when colonial troops arrive.

Believing the little rebel has betrayed him, Damien escapes, vowing to make her pay. Meanwhile, Josephine is blackmailed by the ruthless Captain Lee into becoming a spy.

Josephine is sent to Charles Town where she sweetly tempts information from the British. Though he has the opportunity to expose her, Damien sets her free, hoping fate will bring them together again. It does; this time on the battlefields where Josephine is masquerading as a camp follower.

Damien steps in and forces the irresistible spy into sharing his tent for her own safety. It is inevitable that the blazing attraction between them would flare into passion. However, used as a pawn by Lee in a game of intrigue and assassination, Josephine must choose between love and patriotism.

Karyn Monk certainly lives up to her promise as a strong, vibrant, versatile voice in romance. THE REBEL AND THE REDCOAT is not only a fascinating portrait of the Revolution, but a marvelous love story and a pulse-pounding adventure that will win readers' hearts. SENSUAL (May, 395 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin