Brandon Caruthers has been racing his thoroughbred horses in order to pay the back taxes on his Kentucky home. He has almost achieved this goal when his vengeful ex-fiancée pays the taxes and takes his home. Now all Brandon has are his dreams and a British title that a long-lost English relative left him. As Baron Rushcroft, he travels to England hoping to marry an heiress who will bankroll his dream of buying his home back.

Since her husband's death, Miranda Auburn has survived in the difficult business world. Her dream is to see her daughter, Lori, married to an aristocrat and she pegs Brandon as an ideal groom. Though Lori is lovely, Brandon is fascinated with Miranda, sensing sensuality buried beneath a businesswoman's cold facade. But however attracted Miranda is to the baron, she believes he's too young for her.

Put a stubborn, determined American rebel and a strong-willed Englishwoman together and you have the makings of an explosive and passionate love story. Add a touch of mystery, a vicious villainess, kid- napping and a wildly exciting climax and you have a nonstop read. Henke cleverly takes the MayDecember romance to new heights in a wonderful tale. SENSUAL (Apr., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin