Image of Rebel with a Heart (Harlequin Historical)


Image of Rebel with a Heart (Harlequin Historical)

Loyal fans will lose themselves in Arens’ highly detailed setting and spend an evening enjoying themes of long-lost and rekindled romance. With her usual charm, Arens takes readers back to a time when issues were settled with bullets, and men and women were lucky to find affection.

Lilleth Preston arrives in Riverwalk with two children ... and the story that her husband has run off. The truth is, she’s on a mission to save her sister, and she will die before she lets her niece and nephew be put in more jeopardy. The problem is, her sister’s trapped in an insane asylum, and there’s only one way in. Trace Ballentine never did find out what happened to his childhood sweetheart — until he literally falls over her. Now, he’s undercover to expose the horrors of the asylum, and Lilleth not only threatens his clumsy cover, she may just capture his heart all over again, putting his career and his family’s approval in danger. (HARLEQUIN, Nov., 288 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Anne Black