Image of The Rebel Princess


Image of The Rebel Princess

In the sequel to The Canterbury
Papers, Healey places Princess Alais
of France in the center of a clash between the Catholic Church, the
Cathars (a rebellious Christian sect)
and her brother King Philippe. Healey brilliantly builds the political tension along with a passionate love story.
Her female characters, real and fictional, will make the hearts of feminist historical readers sing as they're drawn into
each suspenseful, exciting moment.

Alais awaits the day she can marry her lover, William de Caen, and allow his ward, Francis (her real son) to learn of his parentage. But that may have to wait when two monks bearing news from Rome arrive. They ask her brother, the king, to raise an army to wage war against the Cathar stronghold in the south of France.

Philippe relies on his sister's second sight and innate intelligence to guide him and refuses the monks. However, when Francis disappears and St. John's Cup, a sacred relic revered by the Cathars, is stolen from Philippe, Alais realizes she must do something. Disguised as a man she searches for Francis, the cup and the means to stop a war that could destroy her homeland. (MORROW, Jul., 384 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin