What results when a spirited American arrives in London, ends up in a thieves' den and meets the man known as the "Saint of Seven Dials?" A sweet, charming love story.

When his best friend Luke is forced to give up his role as the "Saint," Lord Marcus decides to take his place. On his very first mission he encounters Miss Quinn Peverill, disguised as a boy, trying to help a young pickpocket. Marcus is intrigued by Quinn, but thinks he has seen the last of her.

Little do either of them know that fate will thrust them into a compromising position that forces Marcus to propose or see Quinn's reputation ruined.

Being an American, Quinn has no idea that she has stepped out of propriety's bounds and will have to wed a man she does not know. Thus begins a marriage and a battle of wills as Quinn and Marcus hide their secret missions in the Dials from one another and find that falling in love can be both troublesome and wonderful.

It seems that Quinn and Marcus are working at cross purposes for so much of the book that some of the usual spark evident in Ms. Hiatt's previous romances is missing. Still, readers will be entertained by this tender, sweet, charming light romance. SENSUAL (Apr., 378 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin