Image of Rebels and Lovers


Image of Rebels and Lovers

Sinclair's outstanding space saga continues. In addition to focusing on the characters' romantic lives, she builds
a world that's growing more complicated. Her gift for fast-paced adventure and rich character depiction make her books exhilarating thrill rides. Not to be missed!

Computer/data expert Devin Guthrie is called to the Guthrie Global Systems headquarters by his tyrannical father, J.M. With the defection of his oldest son Philip to the Alliance, J.M. wants to do damage control within the Empire and he figures a prominent marriage will help. Then tragedy strikes when Devin's nephew Trip disappears. Devin heads out to track him down -- just one step ahead of the imperial forces.

Pilot Makaiden Griggs is widowed and deeply in debt. Having worked for the Guthries, Makaiden recognizes Trip when she spots him on Dock Five station. When Devin arrives in hot pursuit, they're all thrust into a deadly game of hide and seek. (BANTAM, Apr., 430 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith