Image of The Rebound Guy (Harlequin Kiss)


Image of The Rebound Guy (Harlequin Kiss)

THE REBOUND GUY (4) by Fiona Harper: With cancer and a two-timing ex-husband behind her, temp worker Kelly Bradford is ready to start anew with her two young sons. An office romance doesn’t factor into her plans, no matter how tempting her new boss, Jason Knight, may be. Jason masks years of guilt and inadequacy behind a devil-may-care persona. But Kelly is quick to see that Jason is far more than the bad-boy playboy face he shows the world. They prove to be compatible both in and out of the office, but Kelly can’t help but worry that when the going gets tough Jason won’t stay and fight for her. The heroine’s fears are realistically portrayed, and readers will enjoy how she transforms Jason from a philandering playboy to a romantic hero.

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan