Image of Reckless


Image of Reckless

Bryant’s and Octavia’s contributions are the anchors that keep readers glued to the mayhem, sexual tension and irony that make this book a fantastic read. Rax‘s story is interesting, yet much of it seems so familiar. Bryant’s imagery is so vivid, the sins of the sex therapist will have readers speaking to her as if an audience watching a movie: “You should have known better.” Octavia’s story builds suspense as the reader waits for a fatal attraction to unfold.

Carmen is the “Desperate Housewife” manipulated by her husband’s mistress to eliminate her as competition in Rax’s tale. Bree is a “Sinful” hypocrite in Bryant’s story; her own sexual addiction is as scandalous as that of her male patients. When her sins are exposed, her license, liberty and her life are jeopardized. Silver is the star of a black soap opera in “LA Confidential” by Octavia. Her new assistant has an uncanny attachment to her that will either be her salvation or damnation when rumors fly about Silver’s affair with her co-star. (DAFINA, May, 352 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton