Kat Adair has been dream-ing about Egyptologist David Turnberry forever. When David falls into the Thames, Kat dives in to save him. So does Hunter MacDonald, inadvertently knocking Kat unconscious. Kat awakens in Hunter's carriage and feigns amnesia.

Her ruse is short-lived after Hunter discovers she's out to lure his best friend away from his betrothed. But David only wants Kat as his mistress, not his wife. In thanks for saving David's life, Kat is invited to go to Egypt with Hunter and David, with Hunter reluctantly posing as her fiancé.

Soon, though, Hunter realizes there is something about Kat he likes--she leaps before she thinks. The only way he can protect Kat is to marry her. And when they encounter kidnappers, ancient curses and fabled treasures, Kat realizes it is Hunter she desires.

Drake is an expert storyteller who keeps the reader enthralled with a fast-paced story peopled with wonderful characters. Kat is a strong woman who needs a strong man like Hunter. The fascinating backdrop and colorful historical details enhance several underlying stories. You won't be disappointed! SENSUAL (Sep., 352 pp., $16.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager