Image of Reckless


Image of Reckless

Walker's latest effort is a steamy and solid read. There's plenty of hot sex and a little intrigue thrown in for good measure. While the main characters are likable, the heroine at times seems to be nothing more than a pawn trapped in the midst of a family feud. Though the book occasionally lingers, there is just enough suspense to make you wonder how it will end.

Auction house evaluator Kristina Hammond longs to break out of her shell and become a little reckless. She gets the perfect opportunity to expand her personal and professional boundaries when she's courted by the sensual and commanding Sergio Teodoro, who requests her services in evaluating his family's art collection.

Kristina is soon whisked away to Spain, where she quickly meets Nicolas, Sergio's equally seductive brother, to whom she also feels an immediate connection. Kristina soon is in the middle of a dark game of deception -- one where things are never quite what they seem. (Heat, Jul., 309 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Devon Paige