Image of Reckless


Image of Reckless
Heidi Joblowski, a chef working to start her own catering business, has had to overcome what she sees as her white-trash background. Helping her do that has been Jess Gilbred, who comes from a more esteemed background. Then Jess' best friend, Kyle Trapper, enters the picture, and lust sweeps them away. Now they have to decide what to do and how to tell Jess. But there are parts of Jess' life she doesn't know about, which will make the decision easier. Reckless (3), by Tori Carrington, is an emotional story with well-developed characters. Heidi's background is fully explored, and watching her try to maintain control as her life radically changes direction feels real. They are not very sympathetic, however, and their relationship is not realistic.
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Page Traynor