Image of Reckless: A Novel


Image of Reckless: A Novel

This fast-paced, interesting novel relates very specifically to present-day global crises. Though some characters rely on cliches, Gross writes compellingly and manages to throw in some surprising heart. A definite grab for mystery fans.

Ty Hauck has left the police force after working his way up the ranks. Like many cops, he finds leaving the detective work behind to be more difficult than he imagined, and when someone from his past is murdered, Ty is soon embroiled in much more than a murder mystery. Spanning many continents, Ty must track down the killers through global financial meltdowns and blood money in amounts he never had to deal with during his years on the force. (MORROW, Apr., 404 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs