When independent, determined Cady Elizabeth Tanner travels to Fort McDowell to teach, she comes face to face with Capt. Kane Carrington, the man who told her she wasn't strong enough to survive in the Arizona Territory. This time, Cady means to prove him wrong.

Cady establishes a woman's literary society that attracts hungry soldiers, as well as women. But one student, R.J., believes her presence threatens his friendship with Kane.

When Cady's brother, a miner, kills an Apache in self-defense, setting off an Indian rampage, Cady plans on riding out to warn him. Kane locks her in the jail to stop her, but R.J. sets her free.

Kane rushes from the fort to save Cady, finding her injured. Cady has already fallen in love with Kane and all his doubts are cast aside in one night of love.

Though Kane has vowed never to marry, he changes his mind when he and Cady are found by her brother. What happens next makes RECKLESS DESTINY a truly enjoyable read.

Teresa Southwick demonstrates how the power of a woman's love can transform a reluctant bridegroom into a loving husband. A truly lovely romance. SENSUAL (Nov., 322 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances L. Trainor