Ms. Baker takes us back to Bear Valley, home of Shadow and Hannah Kincaid and their children. Told partially in the first person by Hannah, this is her son Blackie Kincaid's story. Blackie has succeeded in becoming a vet and finds a place for his office when Joey McBride agrees to let him rent her grandmother's building. But Joey isn't exactly what Blackie bargained for. Joey is short for Josephine and pretty as a picture. But her brother, who hates the Cheyenne, takes part in an attack on him.

Joey has been staying with the Kincaids and becomes aware of the rich Cheyenne culture—and even more in love with Blackie. Though Joey and Blackie share intense feelings, there are many obstacles, rooted in hatred and prejudice to overcome.

Rich in Native American lore and family life, this romance returns us to the characters, so beautifully crafted in Ms. Backer's previous books. Her romances are filled with passion, portraits of courageous people, rich characterization and excellent plotting. This is no exception. Enjoy! SENSUAL (Oct., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner