For years, Celia Sinclair has plotted to leave America and seek vengeance on the English nobleman responsible for her mothers death. But when she arrives, the villain is gone and in his place is the new Lord Northingham.

Colter is fascinated by the colonial and though he rarely appears at balls, he is drawn out by Celias presence. Colter is as kind and generous as his father was ruthless and greedy, and Celias revenge fades away and she falls in love with him.

But there are evil forces at work that neither Colter nor Celia can control, a ruthlessness that threatens their lives and their newfound love.

There is little doubt that Rosemary Rogers can tell a story, but the overwhelming power and great passion that were once a driving force in her work have given way to carefully created tales peopled with strong characters but less emotional impact. SWEET (Dec., 408 pp., $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin