Alexandra Winthrop, England's Duchess of Leister, has hopes of luring her sister, Julia back into their grandfather's good graces.

But North America is roiling with war between Indians, French and English. When Julia, her two children and Alix are captured by a Huron war party, she knows life will never be the same.

Then an accident takes her sister's life, leaving the debutante to care for the young children under the brutal rule of her captors. Once the children are taken from her, Alix is forced to do anything to survive before she comes face to face with the man she's stricken from her heart.

Dominick Jolliet, heir to the French House of Lorraine, is known as Night Wind to the Huron and has carte blanche in their camp. When he sees the woman who spurned his love made a slave, he is powerless against the tide in his soul to save her.

Both Alix and Dominick are caught between old hurts and the need to survive the erratic currents surrounding them. And their forgotten love sweeps both of them farther into the dangerous waters when the Indian chief decides he wants Alix for his wife.

THE RECKONING comes not gently into our hearts, but undeniably real. Ms. Baker holds us with bated breath as she spins her dramatic tale against the breath-taking backdrop of war, intrigue and the power of love. Gritty, sometimes jagged with descriptions of cannibalism, THE RECKONING takes your spirit on a ride of white-water rapids that will leave you building new standards for your keeper shelf. SENSUAL (Oct., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black