Image of The Reckoning


Image of The Reckoning

After emerging from a lengthy coma a year ago, former Treasury agent Linda Faraday began relearning everything, including how to mother her son. On the brink of independence, she's grateful for Emmett Jamison's unexpected support. On leave from the FBI, Emmett is determined to help Linda adjust -- but he's equally keen to bring his brother Jason Wilkes to justice before he can kill again. Aware of the darkness inside himself, Emmett is ill-prepared for the tender feelings he develops for Linda and, when he realizes they're mutual, he tries to protect her from herself. To little avail though, because Linda's a strong-minded woman, despite the gaps in her memory. The Reckoning (4), by Christie Ridgway, winds up the Fortunes of Texas series with a flourish, offering interesting insights into Jason's compulsions that fill in some blanks. The development of Linda and Emmett's relationship is lovely, despite its backdrop, and the touches of humor sprinkled throughout are also welcome.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer