Image of Reckoning


Image of Reckoning
Reckoning (4), by Jo Leigh, ends the In Too Deep ... miniseries. Although it's great on its own, readers will adore it even more if they're familiar with the other books in the series. The story follows a team of ex-Delta Force soldiers and the people around them who are hiding from rogue CIA agents -- who've produced a deadly gas they intend to sell to terrorists. Delta Force head Nate Pratchett finds biochemist Tamara Chen, who has been working on an antidote, alive after her lab explodes, and the two give in to the attraction between them. Like everyone in the group, they feel they have nothing to lose, since the evil Omicron group poses a seemingly insurmountable threat. Great action and exciting events make this book impossible to put down.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor