Image of The Reckoning


Image of The Reckoning

THE RECKONING (4.5) by Jana DeLeon: DeLeon leads her readers back to the creepy marshes of the Louisiana bayou with a tempting trail of clues as she throws a psychiatrist and her former lover into the midst of a child’s disappearance that could connect to the unsolved case of girls who went missing 30 years ago. Only Alexandria Bastin believes that her 6-year-old niece has been kidnapped and not taken by her runaway father — and she will do whatever it takes to find her, including partnering up with the man who ran out on her 10 years ago. Acting sheriff Holt Chamberlain hopes to make amends for the past by helping Alex find her niece. Together, the pair battles the hostility of the local community, Holt’s family and the mystery that surrounds the missing children. Hair-raising suspense and the most unsuspected suspects ratchet up the mystery.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper