Image of Reclaiming His Pregnant Widow


Image of Reclaiming His Pregnant Widow

RECLAIMING HIS PREGNANT WIDOW (4.5) by Tessa Radley: Missing for four years, Brand Noble finds his way home to the woman he lived through hell for. Only she’s resumed her life, and is pregnant. Not that it matters. He’s still determined to reclaim his bride and find out why he spent years in hell. Even though she had him declared legally dead, a part of Clea Noble never let go of her husband. But the reunion she’s always dreamed of isn’t going the way she’d planned, and now she and Brand must find their way through the trail of betrayal to the truth. Radley’s wrenching, sexy and complicated plot will have readers cheering to see Brand and Clea together again and rereading passages that will tug at their hearts.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper