Trish Manning is blackmailed by her evil estranged husband—she must accompany him on a trip to North Africa or he'll report her father's illegal business activities to authorities. Special-ops man Dave Cassidy is also in Africa, on a mission to capture a terrorist. He finds Trish in a dangerous situation: She's unconscious and her husband and another man intend to sexually violate her. Dave and Trish have a history—they were once engaged but broke up when she didn't believe his claims that her father was aiding terrorists. Danger follows the duo as they make their escape. Reconcilable Differences (1) by Ana Leigh has major problems. Awkward and stilted dialogue, constant information dumps and confusing action scenes render the story nearly unreadable. Also, the characters are extremely unpleasant, and Trish shockingly oblivious to her father's character. Her father's and estranged husband's disrespect and mistreatment of her are very unsettling.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor