Image of Reconstructing Amelia: A Novel


Image of Reconstructing Amelia: A Novel

McCreight’s haunting debut will stay with you long after you are done reading. The main characters feel relatable and it is easy to feel sympathy for their situation. Even though the ending is known right away, you’ll hope against hope for a happily ever after for the characters that you’ve become so invested in. This fantastic book whets your appetite for more from McCreight.

Single mother and lawyer Kate Baron gets a call from her daughter’s exclusive private school: Amelia has been suspended. When she arrives at Grace Hall, she is told that Amelia has committed suicide after being accused of cheating. Though shocked, Kate takes the police at their word that it was suicide. But when she receives an anonymous text saying “She didn’t jump,” Kate begins to go through Amelia’s texts, Facebook account and social media life. She discovers things she never knew and becomes positive that Amelia did not kill herself. But who did kill her, and what really happened at Grace Hall? (HARPER, Apr., 384 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Robyn Bonavita