As a young boy, Jack Gallagher realized that his father, the famous fashion photographer Giovanni, wasn't interested in his illegitimate son. All his attention focused on his "true" son, Carlo. As Jack's bitterness grew, he became determined to becoming the best photographer around.

Beckie Lynn Lee escaped her horrible existence in Mississippi to search for happiness in Hollywood. Landing a job as Jack's assistant was a good start, becoming his lover was even better. Finding him in a compromising position, however, sends her crashing.

Beckie Lynn wants to hurt Jack as much as he hurt her, and teaming up with Carlo seems the best way to do this. Carlo has his own secrets to hide, and he and Beckie Lynn strike a partnership. Beckie has her revenge, now if she could only get over her feelings for Jack....

Erica Spindler takes readers into the world of high fashion, from the heights of triumph to the depths of despair and back again. This roller coaster ride will leave you breathless.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson