In this riveting sequel to Black, Thomas Hunter continues to move between two worlds each time he falls asleep. In one, he is a formidable warrior, protecting the forest people of The Great Romance from the hoards of desert scabs. In the other—our time and place—he is a man who knows the future, and it isn't good. Ruthless terrorists have unleashed a deadly virus on the planet, and only a favored few will be privilege to the antidote—and that is only if the terrorists' demands are met.

Hunted and plotted against in both lives, Thomas races from crisis to crisis. Even as he begins to see how closely the two realities overlap, he realizes that he has made a serious error in the forest world, and the author of the Great Romance may pay with his life.

Dekker's thrill-a-minute plotting hurtles the reader down a road of high adventure, drama and mind-bending intrigue. The characters are drawn with an incisive pen and pull us into their stories. A must-read for fans of heroic adventure fiction. The third in the trilogy, White, is due out in October. (Jun., 381 pp., $19.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson