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RED 1-2-3

Image of Red 1-2-3

Katzenbach delivers a pitch-perfect psychological thriller as he delves into the thought processes of the killer, the victims and the killer’s spouse. The exploration of how each character reacts to stress and fear, as well as how reverting to denial is sometimes the easiest approach, is a fascinating study. The epilogue entertains with one last surprise.

A frustrated novelist decides to prove that he has a brilliant criminal mind by committing several unsolvable murders. He targets three women with nothing in common other than their red hair and plans to murder them on the same day using a different MO for each crime. To add psychological flair, he sends a letter to each woman warning her that he is stalking her. What the killer doesn’t count on is the women identifying each other using clues he unwittingly left and banding together to turn the tables. (MYSTERIOUS PRESS, Jan., 400 pp., $27.00)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan